Welcome to Redfish Connection

Published on Jan 30, 2018


Jan 01,2018 - Welcome all redfish enthusiasts to your Redfish Connection! This is an exciting time for all of us here at RC as we embark on a journey to bring you all things redfish.

If you are a novice, an avid weekend angler, a tournament competitor, or just interested in the sport of angling for redfish we will have information, tips, tactics, schedules, video, and podcasts all designed to unify the family of redfish anglers from the Carolinas to the TexMex border.

I was bitten by the redfish bug about 18 years ago and I still get that same adrenaline surge on a hookup today as I did so many years ago. I confess that I had been a bass angler for many, many years before I was introduced to the world of the bad brawling, fast fighting, ornery redfish by my friend Corby Dolar. And, when that bug bit me, it bit hard!

Back then, Corby was newly arrived in Alabama from the Florida Keys where stealth, poling, and long accurate casts were the methods of choice to catch those red beasts in the super shallow gin clear water of the keys. In those first few months Corby taught me many things about redfish and how to catch them. But, I am a man of science and it was the redfish itself and the study of its life cycle, habitat, and diet that intrigued me more than any other fish I had ever sought.

Redfish (Sciaenops oscellatus) have an incredibly varied habitat, diet, demeanor, and temperament. And, it is directly because of all these variables that they are one of the most fun, most exciting, and most frustrating game fish to pursue. On the one hand they can be amazingly predictable and will eat anything you throw in the water (I have even had a bull red hit my trolling motor prop!) and on the other hand they will be completely unpredictable, be found nowhere, eat nothing, and frustrate the heck out of anglers trying to pattern them. There’s nothing like them anywhere in the gamefish world.

This is going to be your one stop shop for everything redfish so if you are looking for something and don’t see it let me know and it will happen. We will be adding content continuously in the form of updates, general information, blog posts, and more.

Come along with us on this journey as we at Redfish Connection bring you everything there is to know about that pesky varmint that makes us all so happy, so mad, so frustrated, and so glad.

- Gritter