Hough Words

Published on Apr 23, 2018


I just read the following post by Capt. Jamie Hough on Facebook. He has very eloquently, and truthfully, made note of some of the more significant challenges he encountered during a tournament this weekend.  I, too, have noted the increasing disrespect for the water, the fish, and fellow competitors - BY fellow competitors!

I readily confess that I am tired beyond tired of being put in the position of apologizing for stupid stuff other people do just because I am a Tournament angler. Everything in Jamie's post happened - and way more than once. It is truly unfortunate when people allow their lust for a competitive advantage, ANY advantage, to dictate their poor and disrespectful behavior. No name calling necessary because you know who you are - and so do we!

Capt. Hough's post - 

"It was a long 12 days in Delacroix and I’m happy to be home. Honestly, this year’s fishing down there has been the worst I’ve ever seen. I worked my butt off to find the right fish but come game day, they were scared half to death and wouldn’t eat and it forced us to scramble. I never thought I would say that about the Hopedale/Delacroix area. What use to be “shoreline USA” because you could catch them on every shore line, is now “better hope they bite USA”. Too many tournaments in the same area, too many tower boats, and too many anglers that don’t understand that you can’t catch every fish you see all week and expect them to bite on game day. Doesn’t work like that. I’m also pretty disappointed in the lack of courtesy and ethics I saw this past two weeks. People cutting people off, hustling to get in front of boats to keep them off the fish, tower boats burning 30 feet from boats that were fishing, etc. We are supposed to be stewards of this sport and of fishing in general. Some of the actions I witnessed the past two weeks embarrassed me. I felt embarrassed to be associated with anglers that act poorly and disrespectfully on the water. It’s amazing what some anglers will do to other anglers to keep them from catching or finding fish. Not the attitude of a professional, that’s for sure. We as a whole, need to get back to the fundamentals, and hold each other accountable. It’s supposed to be us against the fish, not us against each other! 
As far as our tournament goes, we caught 6 fish on day one and hustled to catch 5 that fit on day 2. We probably had 20-25 turn downs each day which is unheard of down there. Lots of overs around there right now too. I heard a lot of folks complaining that their fish wouldn’t eat on tourney day, but their Facebook pages are full of fish pics from the practice days. I know it’s tough, but you can’t catch every fish you see and expect them to bite when you need them to. The Elite Redfish Series 2 man Open was run well and went smoothly. Congrats to all of the anglers who caught them and did well! We had just under 35 pounds on day one and just under 30 on day two. We finished 26th out of 117 boats. Gonna brush up on some stuff and be back in Cocodrie in 2 weeks. “What defines you as a man, is how you act in between failures.” #k2coolers #grundens #yamaha #titoshandmadevodka #northaugustacustoms #raymarine #oriswatches #pennfishing #bomberlures #calcuttafishing Traeger Grills #deckedUSA  Charleston Wraps