It's Tournament TIme

Published on Feb 07, 2018

Thank you all for the initial response to the new site! It is exciting to know that there are so many redfish enthusiasts out there who enjoy reading and learning more about our favorite fishy friend – Sciaenops oscellatus  :-)

Please share the site and the information on all social media and let’s make the Redfish Connection THE place to be for all things redfish.

Tournament season is upon us and it’s time to get your tournament hats on and prepare for the 2018 competition. At Redfish Connection you can enjoy the redfish tournament season whether you are a diehard participant or an armchair observer because we plan to have every result, from every tour and every event - on a daily basis - as soon as the weigh-ins are complete. So, come back regularly during tournament weekends to check on your favorite redfish angler and event.

The weather is set to make a turn for the better so get ready Redfish friends it is about to be – ON!

The Florida Pro Redfish Series is set to kick off the 2018 competition this weekend, on February 10, in their West Coast Division at Ruskin, FL. This will be followed by America’s Redfish Cup hosting their first event February 24 at Breton Sound Marina in Hopedale, LA. After these two openers the action will be fast and furious with several events every month for the remainder of the season so get in on the action by following all the excitement right here.

We will also continue with our Angler Spotlight series with Barnie White next in the que for that segment.

New writers/contributors are coming on board every week or so and we welcome participation by our readers. SO, if you have the urge to write about a special experience, want to share some nugget of redfish knowledge, or just send a cool pic, send it along to me at: 

Until next time ……